“Moose On The Loose”- Update and Wild Animal Tips

Received from Boise Police Dept.


Morning commuters in the North End got a reminder this morning of why Boise is such a great outdoor community to live in when a moose came strolling into town just after 8:00 a.m.  Dispatch received multiple calls from concerned citizens that the moose was at the intersection of 28th Street and Heron Street and headed in the direction of the highly-travelled State Street.  Officers blocked State for about five minutes while they got the moose turned around headed back to the foothills. 

The moose decided to stop and hang out in Elm Grove Park, so officers set up a perimeter for bystander safety and waited for Idaho Fish and Game officers to respond.  (Interestingly enough, this moose was helped out of town by officers last summer.)  A Fish and Game officer was able to shoot the wayward moose with a tranquilizer dart, and it went to sleep on a nearby neighborhood sidewalk.  The moose was loaded into a trailer and woken up a short time later.  It was examined by a biologist, found to be in good shape, and is on the way to be released into the wild again.

While this is not an everyday occurrence in Boise, officers do respond to wild animals strolling down the streets from time to time each year.  This morning’s event is a good chance for people to remember a few things.

·       Wild animals are wild- Though they may seem peaceful and majestic, it’s important to remember that wild animals can be dangerous if they feel threatened or trapped.  While most people like to try and get pictures, it’s recommended to stay a safe distance away and try not spook wild animals. 

·       Be aware of the situation- Officers are trained to respond to these situations and will use the best option to ensure the public remains safe.  If you see officers trying to safely herd an animal to a safe location, be aware of those efforts and try not to interfere.  

Officers appreciate the help and cooperation of citizens who called in the wandering moose, as well as the efforts of Idaho Fish and Game.  Keep your eyes open and remember to appreciate the little things that make Boise such a great place to live!  

 Ryan Larrondo

Boise Police Information Specialist

Work: (208) 570-6181

Email: rjlarrondo@cityofboise.org

Laura Moore Cunningham Arboretum Open House


Walk and talk with us while learning more about the city’s arboretum and our patron, the late Laura Moore Cunningham

Drop by for a tour with Boise Parks & Recreation Community Forestry arborists from 4-6 p.m. Monday, April 20 at the arboretum at 1140 Lewis St. near Municipal Park in the East End.

Meet Boise artist and metalsmith, Ken McCall and Mark Baltes of Landmark Impressions, the team behind the beautiful new arboretum signs.

Bring your kids for free hands-on activities, and enter a raffle for a free seedling.

The Laura Moore Cunningham Arboretum is the home of 90 different species of deciduous trees and over 20 species of conifers managed by Boise Parks & Recreation. The Community Forestry division manages more than 45,000 trees in parks and on public rights of way.

The arboretum is named for the late Laura Moore Cunningham, a long-time civic leader, gardener and patron of the arboretum. Upon her death, the City of Boise received acreage south of her home at Warm Springs Avenue and Walnut Street to establish an arboretum to grow trees for city parks. 

The event is being held in conjunction with Arbor Day celebrations throughout the city. For the 37th consecutive year, Boise has been named a Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation.

Free! For information, see parks.cityofboise.org or call (208) 608-7700.

LMC main sign LMC bio sign

(photos & information provided by Boise Parks & Rec)

Free Community Shred Day Is Coming

Spring cleaning is in the air.  Besides all the leftover leaves in the garden you might want to check around the house for old bills, tax reports, bills etc that you can collect for shredding. The annual free shred day is coming April 25th from 11-3pm and will be downtown.  Now doesn’t that make it easy for us Eastenders


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