Japanese Beetle Eradication Update – August 2014

As we move into the final months of summer we’d like to thank everyone who has worked with the Idaho State Department of Agriculture this season in an effort to make our current Japanese Beetle monitoring and eradication program successful. During May and July the two scheduled granular lawn treatments were carried out as planned on residential/commercial properties and areas maintained by Boise Parks and Rec and BSU where beetles were captured in greatest numbers during 2013. Traps set up this year have been furnishing us with data to understand the current state of JB activity.

Similar to last year the first beetle trapped was recorded in mid-June, numbers increased dramatically through mid-July, and even though we are still finding beetles daily, adult activity has dropped off significantly. Our hope is that next summer’s beetles, now feeding in the soil as grubs, are being negatively impacted by the this year’s pesticide treatments, and the JB trap data from this season seems to be supporting that possibility. As of this time last year (Aug-12-2013) we had captured 2,955 beetles in Boise. This year, to date, we are at 1,246 – still a significant number of insects, but nearly 60% less than last year. We are assuming this indicates a decent level of effectiveness for last year’s treatments because, if you look at beetle numbers in areas that contained JB but were not treated last year, in all cases catches increased, while, conversely, on the 100 Warm Springs properties that did receive treatment in 2013, JB catches plummeted from 1,930 in 2013 to just 87 in 2014 – a 95% reduction.

JB trap catches have shown us some new areas where it appears beetles may have moved this year. When traps come down at the end of September we will review our data to plan treatment areas for 2015. Clearly JB eradication in Boise, to be successful, will need to be a multi-year project. It is hoped that when 2015 treatment plans are finalized and property owners are contacted, response will continue to be positive, especially in light of the current data indicating the high degree of efficacy associated with the plan and tools that have been chosen. If you have questions about Japanese Beetle or the ISDA JB monitor/eradication program please contact Paul Castrovillo, Pest Survey and Detection Manager at Paul.Castrovillo@agri.idaho.gov or (208)-332-8627.

Warm Springs Avenue Update

I’m sure you have noticed that phase two of Warm Springs Sewer project is finished.  The road work between Wallin and the Warm Springs Golf Course was completed and reopened Aug 6th.

Phase one is still in progress and they plan to have that project completed by late October.  This phase is the construction happening on Warm Springs Avenue between Pioneer Cemetery and Adams Elementary.  Please note that the lanes are restricted by not closed.

When Phase three approaches Mid-September and will be happening again on Warm Springs Avenue between Starview Drive and Starcrest.  Be prepared for full road closure between these roads during this phase.

Please remember that we have local businesses on Warm Springs Avenue and near by that are still open and have felt a hit from this construction.  Do try to support them during this time, maybe introduce someone else not from the neighborhood to our little gems.

Annual Goat Head and Poop Pick-up

EENA thanks all of you who showed up on the 2nd of Aug to help clear some of our trails of dog poop as well as goat heads.  According to one of the organizers, Lee Honsinger, it looks like our efforts last year paid off.

Just because we are not hosting an event to do so, please clean up after your dogs even if they poop off the trail.  With all the heat it makes for a stinky walk if dog poop is left behind.

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